In August 2021 CFCCA published the findings of its People Management and Equality & Diversity Report – it is the beginning of a new phase of change for the organisation. You can read the Executive Summary of the report, which includes its findings and recommendations here.

Alongside the report, the Board of the CFCCA has released the following statement:

“The Board and Director fully accept the findings of the report and its recommendations. We recognise the difficulties and anguish caused by our actions and are sorry for the impact they have had on the individuals and communities that we exist to serve and represent.

We are working as a matter of urgency to create a clear plan of action to implement the report’s recommendations, which we will share in due course. We are grateful to all of the people who have shared their experiences and knowledge in the creation of the report and acknowledge that this has been a difficult process for everyone.

The need for a UK institution promoting and supporting Chinese contemporary art and culture is as great, if not greater, than it was when the organisation was established thirty five years ago. We are thankful to our stakeholders for their support as we start the work of rebuilding and revitalising the institution.”

The People Management and Equality & Diversity Report grew out of the CFCCA’s Revisioning process, which has now been brought to a close. You can find out more about the Revisioning process here