You can help us to host our world-class exhibition programme by sponsoring us.

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art is unique as the only not-for-profit organisation working exclusively in the field of Chinese contemporary art. We have been delivering our ground-breaking programme at the heart of Manchester’s cultural economy for over 30 years.

 “Culture plays a central role in Manchester’s economic growth strategy and the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art is important in attracting visitors to the city and strengthening our business links with China and East Asia.”

Sir Richard Leese, Leader, Manchester City Council

The UK business sector is acutely aware of the importance of building links with China, to increase trade and investment and attract global talent. Culture plays a key role in brokering strong international relations between the UK and such a globally dominant area of the world. As the One Belt One Road initiative develops, culture and soft power will provide an important vehicle in developing bi-lateral relations.  Aligning your brand with CFCCA to reflect back an interest in Chinese culture can support your ambitions for increasing your international business relationships and profile.

“CFCCA enriches the cultural scene in Manchester and is in a unique position to strengthen the city’s links with China to attract business investment and support economic renewal.”

Lord Nat Wei, Politician and Social Entrepreneur

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