Volunteering at CFCCA (2019). Photo by Annie Feng.

Volunteering at CFCCA (2019). Photo by Annie Feng.

CFCCA are currently taking part in the socially engaged volunteers programme, The Art of Volunteering. The programme is dedicated to helping unemployed and economically inactive residents of Greater Manchester to gain the skills and confidence necessary to progress into employment and achieve personal goals.

The programme consists of a variety of activities including engagement, archive and artist residency workshops, demonstrations, talks and Q&A’s with members of the staff team. Previous participants of the programme have developed a very good understanding of the departments that make up an art gallery, and have gained an insight into the different roles and professions involved. In addition to group sessions, participants have benefited from one-to-one meetings, individual projects and independent activities such as research and administrative tasks. There will also be an opportunity to take accredited e-learning courses to bolster transferable skills and develop CVs.

CFCCA are committed to ensuring the programme is accessible, catering the experience to each volunteer’s needs, abilities and level of experience. Participants will be closely monitored and supported in order to develop soft and hard skills and hone in on their vocational interests. The programme is currently operating virtually.

We are very grateful that the programme is supported and made possible by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Workers Educational Association (WEA).

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