Each year, CFCCA invites applications from artists interested in engaging with our rich archive of material through a 10-week Archive and Library Residency. The programme encourages artists to create new work or a series of events in response to our collection, which comprehensively details the organisation’s history and contains an extensive library of books and resources on Chinese contemporary art and visual culture.

As we find ourselves unable to realise residencies on-site during the COVID-19 pandemic, for 2020 we have selected two artists to take part in the residency remotely and produce a digital artwork which draws inspiration from our online catalogue of archival material: Hayley Suviste and Frances Yeung.

Learn more about Hayley’s work below, who took up our first Archive and Library residency in 2020 from 21st July to 25th September.

Hayley Suviste, A Meeting Place | 会议地点 (2020)

Image of Hayley Suviste.

Image of Hayley Suviste.

Using archival recordings and images, Hayley Suviste brings to life the local histories and lived experiences within CFCCA’s archive in her new digital work A Meeting Place | 会议地点.

For CFCCA’s first digital Archive & Library residency in 2020, Hayley creates an audio-visual work exploring space, memory, narrative and sound. A Meeting Place | 会议地点 layers original sound compositions and field recordings with photographs and oral histories from our archive, in which interviewees talk of their migrant experience, their identities as people of Chinese heritage living in the UK, memories of Manchester’s Chinatown and Chinese festivals, and CFCCA’s first venue at 36 Charlotte Street. The audio for this work has been mixed in 360-degree binaural audio, providing a fully immersive experience that sonically animates the archival materials and creates the sensation that different sounds are being emitted from all directions around the listener’s head.

Hayley Suviste - A Meeting Place | 会议地点 : An audio-locative sound walk around Manchester’s China Town

Image courtesy of the artist.

The work can be experienced in two formats. On the A Meeting Place | 会议地点 website, each narrative and image is digitally mapped for visitors to explore virtually. The website can be viewed until September 2021. Alternatively, using the free ECHOES app, listeners can uncover these stories through a soundwalk whilst exploring the streets of Chinatown, with geolocated sounds and interview clips triggered by their GPS data. The soundwalk will be permanently accessible on the app and is free to download.

It is advised to download the soundwalk in advance to ensure the best quality and to avoid using data whilst streaming in real time. You can download the ECHOES app for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. To access the soundwalk, visit the ECHOES app homepage navigation bar, select ‘Walks by me’ and then ‘A Meeting Place’, where you will find an option to download the walk. Alternatively, the soundwalk will appear on the app’s homepage in the ‘near you’ section when you are in the vicinity of Chinatown.

Each listener will need a smartphone and headphones to access.

About Hayley:

Manchester-based sound artist and composer Hayley Suviste creates sonic compositions exploring space, memory and narrative, weaving together archival material and field recordings to bring oral histories to life and highlight the stories hidden within collections. Her works are intimate and crafted thoughtfully, utilising multichannel, ambisonic and binaural formats to shape dynamic and immersive experiences for listeners which address sociohistorical themes and capture individuals’ lived experiences. She recently completed a Master’s in Electroacoustic Composition at the University of Manchester’s NOVARS research centre and her music has been showcased internationally and across the UK at festivals and sound conferences. Hayley also co-runs The Manchester Ear, a project which aims to involve local communities in soundwalks around Manchester and emphasise the importance of deep listening.

Educational tour of China Town by the Chinese Arts Centre, c.1997. (CFCCA Archive GB3451/OC/A/7/24)

Educational tour of China Town by the Chinese Arts Centre, c.1997. (CFCCA Archive GB3451/OC/A/7/24)