CFCCA presents a screening of Erika Tan’s film, Repatriating the Object with No Shadow: Along, Against, Within and Through.

Repatriating The Object With No Shadow: Along, Against, Within and Through is part of a larger body of work, which explores the extraction, and creation of signs and significations through objects, archival events, and stories found in the collections of museums (Singapore, Malaysia and London) and the pages of colonial accounts. The video works arise from a discussion around the museumized object and the museum as method. The guiding principle being a form of aesthetic cannibalism, speculative in its method and oscillating between formats, which reveal the contingent rules and contextual considerations of the colonial museum in Malaya as it came to be formed in the 19th century. Repatriating The Object With No Shadow… Gestures towards the encyclopedic or comprehensive in its structure, taking the form of a series of re-visiting, re-use, re-enactment and repatriation of artifacts and writings from, and referenced to colonial collecting in Southeast Asia.

Repatriating The Object With No Shadow: Along, Against, Within and Through was first shown in 2013 in NUS Museum Singapore as part of Come cannibalize us, why don’t you? / Datang mengalih kita, mengapa tidak anda? 

Erika Tan’s practice is primarily research-led and manifests in multiple formats (moving image, publications, curatorial and participatory projects). Recent research has focused on the postcolonial and transnational, working with archival artefacts, exhibition histories, received narratives, contested heritage, subjugated voices and the transnational movement of ideas, people and objects. Future projects point towards the digitization of collective cultural memory and cloud architecture through the prism of ruins, hauntings, and mnemonic collapse. Her work has been exhibited, collected and commissioned internationally including: The Diaspora Pavilion, (Venice Biennale 2017); Artist and Empire (Tate Touring, National Gallery Singapore 2016/7); Come Cannibalise Us, Why Don’t You (NUS Museum, Singapore 2014); There Is No Road (LABoral, Spain 2010); Thermocline of Art (ZKM, Germany 2007); Around The World in Eighty Days (South London Gallery / ICA 2007); The Singapore Biennale (2006); Cities on the Move (Hayward Gallery, London). 

Erika is a lecturer in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art (London) and current Stanley Picker Fine Art Fellow (Kingston Uni).

Image: Erika Tan, Repatriating the Object With No Shadow film still (2013). Courtesy of the artist