Omid Asadi invites us on a journey highlighting hidden aspects of the city below our feet. Whereas the story’s original protagonists are seduced by a trail of sweets, Asadi instead paints a trail of discarded and now inedible chewing gum, transforming them into canvases on the greystone pavements forest.

Asadi is an artist whose practise is concerned with the human condition, the relationship between migrants and the new places and contexts they find themselves in. This new work has been created in response to his current exhibition Autopsy of a Home at CFCCA (temporarily paused due to the UK lockdown).

Collaboratively commissioned by PROFORMA and CFCCA, the work will first be presented as part of LOITER, PROFORMA’s one-day live public art exhibition which connects Manchester with Salford, happening on Saturday 30th January. Follow LOITER live, or catch Hansel and Gretel on this page throughout February.

More about LOITER:

Produced by PROFORMA, LOITER explores the act of loitering around the Chapel Street area which links Manchester and Salford through specially commissioned artworks by Omid Asadi, Juliet Davis-Dufayard, Tink Flaherty, Parham Ghalamdar, and Christian Selent.

Beginning at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art and meandering through to Chapel Street and the Working-Class Movement Library, LOITER incorporates film, animation, sound, intervention and augmented realities.

A free guidebook has been created in collaboration with Shy Bairns and adapted to provide a unique experience of LOITER, acting as a digital guide to support the livestream of artworks across the Chapel Street route without the need to traverse this route in person.

Watch Omid Asadi’s Hansel and Gretel here:


Image credit: Chris Bailkoski