Jack Tan presents a lecture to explore the term diaspora and the complexities of defining and navigating this concept. With a practice that intersects art and law, Jack creates performances, sculpture, video and participatory projects that highlight the rules guiding human behaviour.

Jack’s previous projects include Four Legs Good (2018) a revival of the medieval animal trials for Compass Festival Leeds and V&A London; Voices from the Courts (2016) a Singapore Biennale presentation and residency at the State and Family Justice Courts of Singapore exploring legal vocality; Karaoke Court (2014-ongoing) a legally-binding karaoke dispute resolution process; Law’s Imagination (2016) a curatorial residency on legal aesthetics at arebyte; his solo exhibition How to do things with rules (2015) at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore; A kiss is just a kiss (2014), a performance exploring kissing and reconciliation at the Institute of International Visual Arts (Iniva), London; The Office of Public Ritual (2014–ongoing), an artists’ collective and bespoke ritual design service; and Closure (2012), a year-long residency and exhibition at the UK Department for Health, which documented the legal dissolving of a social work quango.