A dynamic one-day programme of artist film screenings, performance and conversation, with tea and a pop-up crafts market – free and open to all

As the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art undergoes a period of transformation and growth we have initiated EXCHANGES, a series of public programmes to make space for artists and communities.

EXCHANGES refers to the movement of people, places, ideas, materials, emotions, memories, resources, possibilities, and hopes. EXCHANGES will metabolise collective energies and reflect creative ideas, contributing to a forum of communal expression. They are fluid spaces for togetherness that also embrace differences.

Taking the form of an Open House, the first iteration of EXCHANGES presents a day of artist film screenings, performance, and debate under the theme of people-place-space. Explore our crafts market, sit down for a tea, and join the conversation as together we discover new forms of interconnectedness.

Open House: people-place-space explores how people are placemakers in the context of migration, displacement, and resistance:

  • Who gets to embed meaning into a space for its citizens (and who gets left out)?
  • How can places be made and defined without excluding communities?
  • How do we listen to each other in a multilingual environment, as we attempt to understand each other’s wants and needs?
  • Can the community determine alternative use of spaces?

Our Project Space hosts a new iteration Mengting Zhuo’s ongoing performance project, Thesaurus.

In the Jasmine Suite, Remembering Place features seven short films by international Asian filmmakers which reveal the connected identities of global East and Southeast Asian communities, curated by Moritz Cheung.

Visitors will be invited to sketch out a vision for what kind of art space the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art should become. There will be a space for tea and conversation and our shop will be converted into a pop-up crafts market with surprise boxes containing hand-picked arts and crafts.



For EXCHANGES Mengting Zhuo will create a new iteration of her ongoing performance project, Thesaurus, which explores ways of storytelling without a subject. Playing with narrative and illusion, every performance becomes an unexpected game with an unexpected audience.

Performace 1 – 3pm, followed by a conversation with the artist.


Remembering Place

Using the language of filmmaking as its starting point, from mise-en-scène to semi-improvised theatre, Remembering Place explores how artists reimagine post-colonial Asia, migration, family and friendship.

The programme illustrates multiple lived experiences of Asian migrants, and traces fragmented memories of home and community. The films explore how communities express collective memory through daily objects, domestic activities and settings, while aiming to reconfirm self-identity and seek resolution.

Remembering Place is curated by Moritz Cheung for CFCCA. Videos screened on loop 1 – 5pm.

Film programme:

de(-privation)velopment, Aileen Ye, 2020, 1:39 mins
A Private Collection, Wu Chi-Yu, 2016, 13:33 mins
That ・ This, Hu Ching-Chuan, 2018, 4 mins
Photo Booth, Roxy Rezvany, 2022, 7:50 mins
River is My Hometown, River Cao, 2021, 8:06 mins
Chimera, Eileen Yoon, 2021, 9:34 mins
A Maiden’s Prayer, Tzuan Wu, 2021, 8:08 mins

Artist talk

Remembering Place includes a conversation at 4pm between artist River Cao and guest curator Moritz Cheung.

River Cao is a moving image and performance artist based in London. His works arise from a mourning approach, revolving around the rebuilding of the landscape and the return of the revenants.

Cao uses the performative nature of mourning and the perspective of marginalised queer identities to resurrect the small-town landscape of southern China, creating a series of self-actualised spaces to rethink the emotion of grief.

River’s recent works have been presented at Sadie Coles HQ, London; Saatchi Gallery, London; Goldsmiths CCA, London; The Yard Theatre, London; Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham; Spike Island, Bristol; Cromwell Place, London; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Ludwig Museum of Art, Cologne; Joy Museum, Beijing; West Bund Art Center, Shanghai.