Calling all artists, staff, freelance contributors, volunteers and trustees who have worked and collaborated with CFCCA over the last c.5 years. Please contribute your experiences and reflections.

CFCCA is undertaking an Equality and People Management Audit through the auspices of the independent consultancy Diverse Matters. Diverse Matters is examining the organisation’s policies, procedures and systems in order to make recommendations on how CFCCA can improve its future working practices, including equality and representation.

As part of the Audit, Diverse Matters is interested to hear from those who have worked with CFCCA over the last five years or so – artists, staff, freelance contributors, volunteers and trustees – so that their experiences and reflections can feed into this process. Comments contributed will only be seen by Diverse Matters who may wish to interview contributors with their agreement. These experiences and reflections will feed into Diverse Matters’ findings and recommendations to CFCCA and any final referencing of information will be anonymised.

CFCCA is committed to upholding the highest standards in all areas including equality and representation and wishes through this Audit, to improve, progress and incorporate good practice into its future activities.

Update: The deadline for contributions has now passed.

Thank you for contributing your experiences and reflections.