Volunteering at CFCCA (2019). Photo by Annie Feng.

Volunteering at CFCCA (2019). Photo by Annie Feng.

CFCCA’s socially engaged volunteers programme The Art of Volunteering is dedicated to helping unemployed and economically inactive residents of Greater Manchester to gain the skills and confidence necessary to progress into employment.

To be eligible for the programme, applicants are required to evidence that they meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 16 or over and resident in Greater Manchester
  • Unemployed, economically inactive or at risk of redundancy
  • Legally resident in the UK and able to take up paid employment in the EU

Please note: Full Time students are not eligible for this programme.

Each individual taking part will refine their customer service skills, practice retail administration and gain a thorough understanding of general operations within a cultural organisation. CFCCA are committed to ensuring that the programme is catered towards each participant’s needs, abilities and level of experience – this will dictate what additional activities are undertaken. Current participants are working on a broad variety of activity, including archival research, a mental health and stress awareness course, participating in Q&A discussions with members of the management team and learning more about governance, marketing and engagement. Different methods of learning are used for every activity.

Each learner will be closely monitored and supported in order to develop transferable soft and hard skills, undertake training and hone in on their vocational interests.

The programme is separated into 3 groups taking place on the following dates:

Group 1:

30th September – 9th December 2020. Underway – all places filled

Group 2:

16th December 2020 – 24th February 2021

Inductions: Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th December 2020

Group 3:

3rd March – 9th May 2021

Inductions: 27th & 28th February

If you are interested in joining Groups 2 or 3, please send expressions of interest to: abbie@cfcca.org.uk. Please be aware there are limited places left for both groups, positions will be filled on a first come first served basis and a waiting list will be used if we become over-subscribed.

We are very grateful that the programme is supported and made possible by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Workers Education Association (WEA).

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