About this exhibition

Changing Textiles – Everything about cotton is about cotton

In partnership with Manchester Science Festival, we host an exhibition of work by our current Artist in Residence Ya-chu Kang.

Ya-chu Kang, joins us from Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan. Her work explores issues of identity and the relationships that humans have with natural and social environments. Her research inspires a prolific and beautiful responses in the form of site-specific installation, mix-media sculpture, land art, photography and more.

Often inspired by local textiles and associated patterns, motifs and found object, Kang uses travel and research to find links between textiles, industry, local history and contemporary culture. Her artistic process includes embracing accidents, mutations, and deterioration of surface and detail with time, accepting nature will have its way, especially working with unstable mediums such as sun, salt, dust and water.

During her residency at CFCCA, Kang is interested in researching the materials and relics relating to the textile industry in Manchester and its rich history. In particular she will explore how this influences Manchester’s current society and culture, and how this relates to the wider global contexts of migration, economic trade and social structure. For this exhibition Ya-chu will craft a new artwork that uncovers the fabric of the city’s industrial part and threads together the untold stories that have left an imprint on the Manchester we know today.

Following this Kang will reveal what she has been working on, including new works, during her residency with us at an open studio exhibition on Thursday 29 November until Sunday 2 December.

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