About this exhibition

CFCCA presents the first UK solo exhibition by Taiwanese artist Charwei Tsai, bringing together a selection of new and existing works including watercolour and ink drawings, photographs, sculpture and films. As one of her most ambitious shows to date, this body of work traces Tsai’s exploration of human existence as well as her research into the sustainable living of indigenous communities in Taiwan.

Tsai’s practice is largely concerned with the human-nature relationship, often incorporating geographical, social and spiritual motifs into her works. Using nature as a metaphor, her work is highly personal yet explores universal themes. Tsai is particularly interested in the symbiotic and interdependent relationship between humanity and nature.

Through her socially-engaged practice, Tsai encounters and explores the lives of indigenous communities in Taiwan who depend on natural resources from land and sea. These communities face both man-made and natural threats to the environment on which their livelihood and culture rely.  Through the two film works in the exhibition, Tsai seeks to highlight the injustices inflicted on these communities, often caused by neglect of policymakers, and in light of this celebrates their resilience and success in implementing sustainable economic and educational systems as well as preserving spiritual practices and traditional knowledge.