Shot on location in Singapore, Japan, London, Paris, New York, Berlin and Amsterdam, artist and filmmaker Sookoon Ang takes us on an eye opening journey into the private lives of artists. Through candid conversations with artist peers, Sookoon’s exploration of their financial struggle and tremendous efforts to make ends meet. These dialogues reveal the artists’ perspectives on the financial difficulties inherent in their unconventional career. In turn, together with Sookoon they question the current systems that govern an artist’s career and livelihood.

Watch the work here between Thu the 11th – Wed 17th of March 2021

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Director’s Statement

For nearly 2 decades of practicing art, I have always struggled to make a living wage. This circumstance is not uniquely mine but also that of my artist peers. We might have times of reprieve or even abundance when we manage to sell our works but those times can be few or far apart. With no certainty of the next art sales or financial grant, many of us live in limbo and anxiety.

The anxiety often have direct and negative effect on our art practice and personal lives. Certainly, there are a handful of us who became financially successful and are elevated  from this struggle but the majority of us remain financially strained, despite having professional accolades or acclaims. Yet we continue making art because it is our vocation.

This film examines the economic struggle of contemporary artists and explores the  popular idea of the impoverished artist. This belief has propagate a culture of art and art related activities that have sidelined fair remuneration of artists. My motivation in making this film is to speak with my peers openly and candidly about our experience. Perhaps in the conversations, we may find courage and a certain camaraderie outside of the isolation of our individual studios.

Artist bio

Sookoon Ang is an artist living and working in Singapore and Paris. Her work centres around intangibles and their co-existence with the rational world. The artist has consistently and precisely built a body of work produced in response to the transient nature of existence. Her association of seemingly contradictory materials and ideas  poetically approaches problems of pictorial space and sculptural presence, often by engaging nuanced but transformative production techniques to create objects that  question rational perceptions.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in Palais de Tokyo, Art Basel Hong Kong,  International Film Festival Rotterdam, International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, and  Fribourg International Film Festival. Sookoon Ang’s nearly 2 decades long art practice has also provided her the catalyst and milieu for her new feature documentary on the livelihood of contemporary artists which premiered in International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal.


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Photo credit: Sookoon Ang, Living for Art film poster widescreen (2019). Image courtesy of the artist.