Liu Chuang’s video essay Special Economic Zone collects a large number of historical photographs and sound files recording the history of Shenzhen. These images are like a metronome marking time, exploring Shenzhen’s rapid economic growth over the last 40 years. The piece also includes the artist’s earlier work “Buying Everything on You” (2005- ). In that series, the artist started talking to people looking for work at Shenzhen’s biggest human resources market, offering to buy everything they had on them, and also adding that their possessions would be shown in an art museum. For the artist, Shenzhen is “a constantly mutating ruin of human modernity”. Both Special Economic Zone and Buying Everything on You sample and collect historical traces left by humans, yet unusually, their subjects are still alive.

In March, May*, July and September 2021, CFCCA will present weekly film screenings, giving our audiences a new means to connect with our programme from home, and engage with key issues of our present moment.

Watch the work here between 4th – 10th March 2021


*We have taken the decision to cancel May’s Film Club to allow the Curatorial Team to support gallery reopening and programming. Apologies for any inconvenience, we look forward to Film Club’s return in July.

Top image: Liu Chuang, Special Economic Zone, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.